Terms of Use

Terms of Use

Our transports are carried out-either directly or by transhipment-by buses of our company or by buses from other companies domestic or foreign. In the latter case, the transport takes place UNDER the SOLE RESPONSIBILITY of the OTHER CARRIERS and according to the laws and regulations in force in each country.

The carrier shall not be liable for violations that are directly attributable to, or produced by accident, force majeure, or to meet legal and administrative requirements.

Similarly, is not responsible for the loss of connection with other transport services themselves or third parties.
It is the sole responsibility of the passenger to possess all the necessary documents for border crossings and completion of the trip.

The company reserve the possibility of strengthening services with different features of buses that are used in basic services, whenever circumstances so require, obeying however the requirements required for international service.

Departure and arrival times shown in this brochure are those of local time. It is possible to happen changes of schedules throughout the year, and should always confirm the departure time shown on your ticket. The schedules are indicative and does not guarantee the accuracy of the arrivals and departures mentioned in our brochures, as well as connections with supplementary connection services.

Each passenger is allowed to carry free of charge two luggage (suitcase or bag), whose sum of the three dimensions may not exceed 150 cm each and up to 25 kg in total. For the purpose of better control, baggage are tagged by the drivers in cars.

Companies do not take responsibility for the damage caused in the volumes preserved in power of passengers unless proven fault of the carrier.

The compensation, to be fixed to the registered baggage shall be established in accordance with the law in force.

For which a claim for loss, theft or damage is taken into account, should the passenger present it immediately to the driver in proper form available on the bus and express it in writing in 48 hours at the end of the trip.

Bikes, surfboards or Paragliding Equipment Free, is allowed only in rows:
Lisbon-Madrid, Porto-Madrid, Lisbon/Porto-Santiago Compostela/Corunha, Porto/Lisbon-Seville/Malaga/Granada and under the following conditions:

. By bus, the maximum of four bicycles or surfboards;

. Must be properly packed;

. Responsibility for packaging is of the passenger;

. We are not responsible for damage to bicycles or surfboards during the trip;

. Passengers wishing to carry one of these equipment can only be accompanied another volume of luggage (bag or Briefcase);

Animals are not allowed on board our buses, with the exception of guide dog accompanied by sight-impaired person.

Minors of 16 years not accompanied by the person holding parental authority are not allowed on board our buses. Must be accompanied by an adult and be accompanied by the documentation required for border crossing (identity card, passport and exit permit of the territory). Between 16 and 18 years may travel alone provided with legal authorization of the adult who exercises parental authority, as well as the documentation required for border crossing.

The company is selling tickets at the point of embarkation or facilities provided for to this end, through Branches, travel agencies, internet, etc.,

The site can be purchased most of the services provided by INTER, although it is possible that some destinations are not available.

For purchase over the internet each of the steps described on the Web must be completed and only considered complete when the financial data and pressed the button "Pay" and get confirmation. In the case of payment via ATM terminals the ticket will only be available after the payment.

Once the buying process completed a screen will appear with the ticket you should print. If you cannot print the ticket should keep in a safe place the reservation code presented with which you can access the ticket to print later.

The full price of the tickets purchased online is the price of the ticket plus the season supplements, as well as management costs through sales channel. Management costs will be applied to each ticket, considering the round-trip ticket as a note, for the purposes of this cost. In case of cancellation of the ticket will not be refunded the value of the management costs. (rates).

The discounts available vary depending on the line (origin/destination)
It is imperative for the presentation to the driver or any developer of Inter documentation authorising the discount.

In case of violation of this requirement, drivers or employees have an obligation to prevent the use of the ticket, forcing the purchase of new transport document required conditions.

The cancellation and change of discounted tickets are exactly the same as for the rest of the tickets, whereas the accumulation of a promotional discount may vary these conditions. Be advised that should always check and accept the terms of the promotion before purchasing your ticket.

Promotional campaigns are subject to special conditions available to passengers at the point of sale and on the Internet and will apply to tickets purchased.

The cancellation of tickets is only possible if requested at least 2 hours before departure for the same way with which they were purchased.

Tickets paid with credit card can only be cancelled with the card with which it was purchased.
In case of cancellation, the company will return the full amount of the ticket, if requested at least 48 hours prior to travel.

If the cancellation is requested in advance between 24 and 48 hours, the company will refund the price of the ticket minus 25%.
If the cancellation is requested with less than 24 hours prior to travel will refund the price of the ticket minus 50%.
If the cancellation is not required until 2 hours before departure, the request for reimbursement must be requested to Inter through letter making accompanied their unused Ticket. The refund granted shall be 50% of the ticket value to including fees that do not entitle to any refund.
Change the date or time of travel is only possible if requested in advance between 48 and 24 hours before departure and will be subject to availability of seats on the new date or time requested, subject to the conditions of the fare still apply to the new date.
The changes do not involve international ticket surcharge.

For the round-trip ticket does not select the date/time of return, the passenger must present a request to the company as soon as possible (8 days), to confirm the return, which will be conditional upon the availability of places on the requested date.

Confirmation of return does not involve any expense.

The validity of the return ticket will be for six months from the date of issue.

The passenger must perform 45 minutes before departure and announce your presence at the point of shipment.

The passenger can go directly to the bus whenever in place there is no selling point of Inter, showing the driver the ticket purchased.

The tickets must be retained by the passenger during the entire journey, both of ida as back. Lost or stolen tickets will not be replaced nor refunded.

The tickets purchased are non-nominative. To use it requires verification of identity or passport of the passenger, and that this information corresponds to the ID or passport number reflected in the ticket.

For tickets purchased online for minors who have no ID, it will be necessary to reflect the date of the minor, in the section of the site reserved for him.

The incompatibility of data needed, automatically will void the ticket.

Payments by credit card or debit card (Visa, Mastercard), where available in the place of purchase.

If you want an invoice of your ticket you can choose from one of the following options:
ask the invoice via postal address:
INTER Service Customer Service With the required data, indicating the invoice recipient, contributor (NIF) and address for sending the invoice.
Use the form on the contact section of the site.
It is strictly forbidden to smoke inside the vehicle (art. 4 paragraph 2 of law No. 37/2007).

There is a complaints book available to passengers at the points of origin and destination of the services.

Misuse of the site for fraudulent purposes will result in corresponding responsibilities, if proved to be acted in bad faith, negligence or fault.